Disponibile per i soci AIA l’ultimo numero della rivista I-INCE “Noise Control Engineering Journal” (Vol. 65, n. 6)

L’ultimo numero della rivista Noise Control Engineering Journal è ora disponibile, per i soli Soci AIA, accedendo all’archivio delle pubblicazioni INCE-USA nella sezione DOWNLOAD.


Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.


Noise reduction using spectral-subtraction algorithm with over-subtraction and spectral-reservation factors adapted by harmonic properties
Authors: Lu, Ching-Ta; Lei, Chung-Lin; Shen, Jun-Hong; Wang, Ling-Ling


Damping characteristic analysis and application of a tubular stand-off-layer sandwiched structure
Authors: Yan, Bi-Juan; Zhao, Zhang-Da; Lang, Bao-Xiang; Xu, Peng


A new approach to reduce torque ripple and noise in twelve-sector based direct torque controller fed permanent magnet synchronous motor drive: simulation and experimental results
Author: Sivaprakasam, A.


Reduction of road traffic noise by source measures â–” present and future strategies
Authors: Berge, Truls; Mioduszewski, Piotr; Ejsmont, Jerzy; Świeczko-Żurek, Beata


Sound power limits for industrial noise
Authors: Makarewicz, Rufin; GoÅ,Ä™biewski, Roman


Far-field acoustic radiation and vibration of a submerged finite cylindrical shell below the free surface based on energy functional variation principle and stationary phase method
Authors: Guo, Wenjie; Li, Tianyun; Zhu, Xiang


Study on hybrid LESâ–“LAA method for wind buffeting noise control of vehicle rear windows
Authors: Guo, H.; Wang, Y. S.; Wang, X. L.; Liu, N. N.; Yin, Z. Y.


Noise assessment of the area of a redesigned urban expressway based on noise measurements, noise maps and noise perception interviews
Authors: Engel, Margret Sibylle; Zannin, Paulo Henrique Trombetta


Experimental investigation of characteristic frequency in compressor surge of a turbocharger
Authors: Gao, Zhanbin; Liu, Siyuan; Wang, Hechun; Chen, Meilong; Wang, Zhipeng






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