Disponibile per i soci AIA l’ultimo numero della rivista I-INCE “Noise Control Engineering Journal” (Vol. 65, n. 3)

L’ultimo numero della rivista Noise Control Engineering Journal è ora disponibile, per i soli Soci AIA, accedendo all’archivio delle pubblicazioni INCE-USA nella sezione DOWNLOAD.


Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.


A numerical approach for the analysis of car snail horn performance
Authors: Bonfiglio, Paolo; Pompoli, Francesco



A hybrid uncertain analysis approach for structural-acoustic problems with random and evicence variables
Authors: Liu, Jian; Man, Xianfeng; Guo, Yongchang; Chen, Ning



Errors in the measurement of transmission loss in a standing wave tube
Authors: Dong, Lang; Wang, Yansong; Guo, Hui; Liu, Ningning



Digital filter design of frequency weighting function to measure and assess human vibration
Authors: Oh, H.E.; Park, D.J.; Park, J.P.; Ahn, S.J.; Jeong, W.B.



Adaptive dynamic vibration absorber based on a new type of smart material
Authors: Song, Weizhi; Zhao, Yanqing; Zhao, Haijun; Zhou, Hui; Laing, Kai



Flow-acoustic lumped element analysis of the side-inlet/outlet combination mufflers and 1-D and FEM validation thereoF
Authors: Kumar, Vikas; Munjal, M.L.



Modeling 3D thin sound-absorbing barriers using a dual formulation based on the boundary element method
Authors: Antonio, J.; Tadeu, A.



Occupational noise-induced hearing loss of workers in a bauxite mine in India
Authors: Tripathy, D.P.; Rao, D.S.



A hybrid finite element-least-square point interpolation method for solving multifluid coupling acoustic problems
Authors: Yao, Lingyun; Wu, Fei



An exploratory study on proposed new sounds for future products
Authors: Bi, Youyi; Reid, Tahira; Davies, Patricia





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