Disponibile per i soci AIA l’ultimo numero della rivista I-INCE “Noise Control Engineering Journal” (Vol. 63, n. 6)

L’ultimo numero della rivista Noise Control Engineering Journal è ora disponibile, per i soli Soci AIA, accedendo all’archivio delle pubblicazioni INCE-USA nella sezione DOWNLOAD.

Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.


An adaptive method for designing a robust IMC structured feedback active noise controller
Wang, Xun; Koba, Yosuke; Ishikawa, Satoshi; Kijimoto, Shinya


Free and forced in-plane vibration of rectangular plates with non-uniform elastic boundary conditions
Zhang, Yufei; Du, Jingtao; Yang, Tiejun; Liu, Zhigang


Source characterization of full-scale jet noise using acoustic intensity
Stout, Trevor A.; Gee, Kent L.; Neilsen, Tracianne B.; Wall, Alan T.; James, Michael M.


A low pressure axial fan for benchmarking prediction methods for aerodynamic performance and sound
Carolus, Thomas; Zhu, Tao; Sturm, Michael


Microphone array method for the characterization of rotating sound sources in axial fans
Herold, Gert; Sarradj, Ennes


Tonal noise prediction and validation on the ANCF rotor-stator configuration
Sanjose, Marlene; Daroukh, Majd; de Laborderie, Jerome; Moreau, Stephane; Mann, Adrien


A waveform profile-based noise measurement system and methodology for complex noise evaluation
Qin, Jun; Sun, Pengfei; Walker, Jacob


Road traffic noise exposure association with self-reported body mass index
Dzhambov, Angel M.; Dimitrova, Donka D.


Experimental investigation of the effect of speed bumps in sequence on noise emission level from motor vehicles
Distefano, Natalia; Leonardi, Salvatore


Modification of impact sound by adjusting the excitation input for comfortable design of punch press machine sound
Asahi, Yohei; Cho, Wan-Ho; Arimitsu, Akihiko; Toi, Takeshi




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