Different memberships are offered: Honorary, Fellow, Associate, Collective and Student.


Honorary Members, named by the Fellow Members General Assembly by appointment of the Board of Directors, are chosen among both Italian and foreign researchers who have achieved outstanding results in the field of acoustics.


Fellow Members, either individual or collective, include those carry out a continuative activity in the fields of acoustics. These are named by the Board of Directors upon evaluating their application to be sent to the President. The application must be documented and countersigned by two Fellow or Honorary Members not in the Board of Directors and coordinators of the Technical Groups.


Associate Members, either individual or collective, include those interested in problems regarding acoustics or linked disciplines.

Students are those enrolled at a three-year-degree university course or graduate studies, those who attend a post-certificate, postgraduate or master university course in acoustics, candidates for a doctor’s degree and those awarded a research grant.


Collective Members, Fellow or Associate, are Bodies, Companies or Institutions interested in problems regarding acoustics or dealing with activities within this discipline.


Further information on AIA’s structure and organization can be found in the Association Statute.



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